Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Two worlds and London

Warning: Today's post won't appeal to some. Actually, it won't appeal to most. It is going to be about *whispers* ...clothes...

So you can tune out now that I've gotten your page hit ;) Thanks!

I didn't really expect to be able to combine my love of bargain shopping (which so much of this blog used to be) with my time in London. But who was I kidding. I am:
a) addicted to shopping and
b) addicted to a bargain

It was inevitable that it was going to happen eventually. So I just spent some time taking shoddy pictures to show you what I've spent my money on so far, clothing-wise. I've bought a lot in my short 6 weeks here. Don't judge me. And this isn't everything.


I'll start with the weekend. As I was Facestalking a new friend, I discovered they were going to be attending a sale...a vintage sale...a....vintage pay-by-the-kilo sale... And I immediately hit "Join"! I then harassed my new friend to meet up for coffee first and that was that. Admittedly, I was not feeling at my upmost when I arrived at the busy hall (read: hungover) so my stamina was perhaps not what it could have been (read: only lasted about 3 hours). Still, I came away with a kilo of clothing, the likes of which you'll see below. The Vintage sale seemed to be largely - dare I say it - crap, but there were a few pieces of gold and the whole event was an experience. Akin to Black Friday in America, I would imagine, with snatching and grabbing and pushing.

So without further ado, my £15 kilo purchases.
I actually managed to get 5 items for the kilo, but I haven't photographed 2 of them here - one is a present and the other is just a bit boring. There were no change rooms in the hall so the best one could do was try to wiggle items on over ones clothing, but it wasn't until one got home that one could work out whether it not.

I squeezed myself into this tiny little number and it turned
out to be rather adorable. Bit short for my usual tastes,
who knows tho. Part of the kilo.

We all know I'm a sucker for an ugly floral. Ugly ugly.
This will be good for work. Tight, marginally distracting,
but a fraction librarian-ish. 

My golden purchase of the day: A black velour
bolero. Yes, I love my fucking boleros. We all know it.
I lost my favourite one in a drunken fit within weeks
of arriving in the UK. This one will do nicely for
the time being, and I think it added to my kilo
weight significantly.

Now, just going to segue into some of the other bargains I've purchased since being here. Primark is stealing all my money, as is H&M. I need to have my picture inside the door so they don't let me in.

£5  |  H&MThis dress rocks my world. 

£3  |  Primark
Bubble butt. Bubble bubble bubble butt.

£7  |  Primark
Everyone loves and ugly floral! WOO!

£5  |  Primark
I love a good sack dress.  Good for the fat days, can
be sinched for the skinny days (where you don't
have to sit down and get cut in two by a belt)

So there you have it. There have been a few other purchases but I'm tired and you're tired and we're all tired so I'm going to stop now.