Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Book of Mormon

Wednesday. First day back at work after Paris. I'm feeling desperately down; I have the travel blues and this sore throat just keeps getting worse. I have a terrible day, but tonight is a night I've been waiting for and I hope desperately that I can cheer up before the time arrives.

With excellently priced tickets a la BritBound, I snapped up the last available ticket for this performance a few weeks prior. And the day had arrived, and I was feeling shocking. We get to the pub early to grab some food. 

"Kitchen closed at 6pm."
It was 6.05pm.

"Right. Ok then, can I please have a glass of bubbly?"
"We only do it by the bottle."

I was seriously on the verge of tears after the day I had had. I took a deep breath and promised I wouldn't let myself ruin the night. I found some food elsewhere and a group of us made our way to the Prince of Wales theatre. I started to get a bit giddy with excitement. In the theatre, we realised how epic our seats were - right in the middle close to the front of the balcony - perfect view. To our left and right were large screens where the words for the whole show were to be displayed - fantastic! As all of the songs were new to me, this meant I could quickly cast my eyes to the side and work out what they were singing.

A doorbell rang, the curtain raised, and the musical began. I won't give anything away but suffice to say it was crude and rude, naughty, smutty, punny, hysterical, intensely clever and thought-provoking. If I mention even one of the themes it will give it away, but in case you don't know, the general premise is the story of two young Mormon men who travel to Africa to convert a remote tribe to the way of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Written by the South Park boys, I knew I would love it. They have a slight obsession with the Mormons, if some of their South Park episodes and Orgazmo are anything to go by, but the Church appear to have taken the poke in good fun even having a number of full page ads in the programme.

"You've seen the read the book!" and "The book is always better" gave me a smile.

It is an obvious poke at the Church of Latter Day Saints but also at all religions - while at the same time as being surprisingly uplifting. What a paradox this play is! 

I left the theatre, my face sore from laughing and hope that I can catch it again before its run ends in London.


Yes, I am doing a crotch jab.