Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ode to Autumn

Red as luscious lips the leaves have turned,
Only to fall from the sky, ending their lives
With the colour of passion and desire
Burning hot on the horizon.

Orange, the happiest colour, the 
hue of sunsets and sweetest fruits
Bathed in the afternoon light
on the trees and shrubs around me.

Brown and dry and crackly, they 
litter the ground
Perfectly crunchy under foot
As I hopscotch down the street.

Daisy-yellow and sunshine bright
Lining the streets, as far as the eye 
can see, brightening my day
with their sunny disposition.

The world around me, transitioned,
from one filled with colour to one
that is bare; naked branches,
no leaves rustling in the breeze

As winter approaches.