Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Save the Children: Monday, 21 October

Last Thursday I had my wisdom forcibly removed.

I also suffer from the inability to sit still and relax. Thus, despite my cheery disposition, the extraction of my impacted third molars has been a painful experience and one I am pleased I shall not have to experience again.

My long suffering mother kindly looked after me and, on the last day staying with her, I decided in a painkiller induced daze of euphoria to visit the local op shop. 

The result: rather sensational
One of my better hauls, if I can say so myself.

Op shop: Save the Children at Glenelg South.

Why you should go here: They don't know the value of what they have. They stock a lot of decent brands (Country Road, Witchery, Portmans, Cue - sadly not many fitted me yesterday). Also, the staff are really lovely and elderly and find ones youthfulness incredible. Stay for a bit of a chat! Complain with the oldies about the air conditioning in Foodland.

The items:

Filo one piece short play suit, $5I look like a bit of a muffin but have always wanted a
play suit, so I thought I could sacrifice $5
to the cause. I'm actually kind of in love with it.

Crossroads cream bolero, $6
I think they again got Crossroads and Country Road
muddled as their Country Road items were sub $5.
However I am a sucker for a bolero so $6 didn't
exactly hurt the hip pocket.
Singlet/dress, unknown brand, $2
This has the pattern of a pair of curtains and I love it.
It may be the $2 I paid for it, though. I pay
more to catch the bus. It's pretty tight and after my
wisdom-teeth-induced-icecream-overload weight-
is worked off I should be able to wear it as a dress,
otherwise it makes a nice singlet over my...jeggings.
Witchery long sleeved green bolero, $3
So I love boleros. Sue me.
Unknown brand floor length black skirt, $10
I ummed and ahhed about this item but decided its
comfiness and swooshiness made up for the pricey (...) tag.
Mollini kitten heels, $3
I grabbed these shoes in the way Gollum snatched
away the One Ring. Yeah. I said $3. Barely worn, leather all over.

Total: $29, but this Good Samaritan didn't take the change from $30.