Sunday, 22 June 2014

And thus it begins

As I sit (or, truth be told, stand at the iPhone power station) in Sydney International Airport I decided to begin my blogging adventures about an hour before I go. I sit (stand) here completely unfazed, oddly enough - it hasn't sunk in. It hasn't hit me that I will be traversing Singapore airport for the first time alone. It hasn't hit me that in 22 hours I will be standing (sitting?) in Heathrow airport, collecting my wits, finding my bearings and attempting to organise my way through a city I have never seen - by myself. It hasn't hit me that I have absolutely no idea what the future will hold. 
Oh wait, I think it just hit. 

I've truly done it this time- to the four winds I have thrown my caution and hoping the fates catch me in one piece. Thrown to the four winds indeed. 

The knots in my stomach are equal parts fear, excitement and airport sushi I probably shouldn't have eaten. In a little over an hour I will be boarding the first haul to Singapore - another first for me - and I shall see you on the other side.