Friday, 27 June 2014

Lazy days of getting lost

Squirrel count: 1
Fox count: 0

Despite the epic adventures of the previous day, I was compelled to be up at the butt-crack of dawn (which actually isn't the butt-crack of dawn here - that would be 4am..I was up at about 6am) to make my way to Hammersmith to see what will eventually become my new home. Naturally, I got horribly lost. I blame this on my lucky elephant necklace that I had omitted this morning (and getting lost was a theme for this day). I caught the train to Hammersmith without drama, but alighting from the station and being presented with multiple streets (and still no internet) proved my downfall. I started walking one way...ceased to feel comfortable and about turned to my starting point. Gingerly tried another street, and this one proved more successful (in hindsight, the first would have been fine but my hastily screengrabbed instructions meant that I couldn't afford to leave the beaten track).

I finally arrived at my destination and realised I had no idea where the front door was or how to get in. I knew the home was above a series of shops, yet no door with the number I needed was presenting itself to me. I walked back and forth. I walked to the little alleyway out the back but all the gates were locked. I returned to stand under the window, vainly hoping someone would look out and see little me, looking lost.

Thankfully, this is exactly what happened. The housemates had tried to message me but my phone had yet to be set up so no messages were received. I heard my name being called and followed a lovely girl called Alice out to the alleyway and through the now unlocked gate. To be fair, I am glad I didn't completely weird out my soon-to-be housemates. My level of functioning was very low, cold and jet lag and early morning start combined.

I was shown into the house through a doorway even I had to duck to enter. This made me laugh, and I followed Alice up the winding stair case. Bathroom as we come in, kitchen on the left, bedrooms here, my room up here. I'll be sharing with a girl named Alesha and I at last met Ally, whom I've been corresponding with via Facebook for the last few weeks. It is Ally's place I will be taking. I learn that Alice is also in the Communications sphere and I feel like I will get along with these folks just fine (once I stop being weird and jet lagged).

Descending the 40 stairs ("I take it you've counted?" I asked Alice), I walk with Alice back to the Hammersmith station and return to Ealing. Absolutely famished by this time, I pop into a cafe to get a veggie breakfast and a coffee for £5.95. What I was presented with was an enormous plate, complete with 2 large slices of bread, 2 eggs, a huge tomato, 2 hash browns, mushrooms and baked beans. I gawked as I wasn't expecting nearly that much food.

Once I returned home, I decided to let the rest of Wednesday take its course gently. All I had planned for today now was to organise my phone and try to get over my cold a bit better. Planning my course and setting forth, I met Yvette on the way who showed me a way to get to a different phone store but through a beautiful park. And so I did. And then got lost. As I wasn't in a rush, I simply wandered around until I found where I needed to go and voila! O2 was in front of me (a 15min walk took about 45). Entering, I explained that I was an idiot who didn't realise that a "nano" SIM was even smaller than a "micro" SIM (or that they were two different things), and she set me up with the iPhone's nano SIM. As an aside, why do Apple always like to make things difficult?

I leisurely wandered my way back home to Ealing, via an H&M where I bought a white dress for the tennis themed party Friday night. Wednesday evening saw good food and wine with Yvette and Josh, and another day was done.