Monday, 23 June 2014

Why not a second?

Sitting now in Singapore Changi Airport - of course I've checked in, silly! - waiting for the next leg. Figured I'd so a second post. Sue me.

First flight went surprisingly quickly - watched 3 films and that filled in the time perfectly. Thor, Cuban Fury and the Lego Movie (everything is awesome!). Sadly for me, my ears are completely blocked from my slight cold and thus I am sitting here in almost total silence. It is not comfortable  and I understand why babies become so distressed. I'm about that distressed, but sort of trying to settle into the deafness because it will clear once I'm in the air again (and then hit once I land in London...I'll deal with that when it comes). 

And so this is a fairly mundane entry (btw, total leg room on the flight for the win! Most undeserving person of leg room as I weight in at a mild 5" but I wasn't going to complain!). See you in London!