Friday, 5 July 2013

Nutella Kronut - Milkaholic

What do you get when a croissant and a donut love each other very much?


This is a Kronut.

I ate in almost total silence, absorbed, focussed. My comrades looked up at me in surprise at the conclusion of my meal (and I'm certain there was a little bit of awe mixed in there too), that I had polished my dessert off so steadily, without pause or fuss, while they continued to enjoy theirs.

My first few mouthfuls however, left me exclaiming "Yes! It is like a croissant, wait, no it's more like a donut! Wait! No, a croissant...donut?"

I have little else to say about the Kronut from Milkaholic except it was delicious and topped with chocolate chocolate chip icecream and covered in chocolate nutella sauce and you should have one.