Friday, 19 July 2013

Seafood Laksa - Kopi Tim

How to lose your appetite out of fear in 10 easy steps.

  1. Ask the company at the table for a recommendation. Ask again, confirm repeatedly.
  2. Order the seafood laksa.
  3. Devour entree.
  4. When said seafood laksa is produced, begin clearing the table to make room. Realisation begins to dawn as things are struggling to fit onto the table alongside your bowl.
  5. Pick up your spoon and chopsticks.
  6. Put down your spoon and chopsticks
  7. Gawk at your bowl and stall by taking photos.
  8. Pick up your spoon and chopsticks and swirl everything around. Consider where to begin.
  9. Put down your spoon and chop sticks. Look frightened.
  10. Chide your table company and blame them for doing this to you.
The saving grace that prevented me from tumbling into an abyss of terror?
"Excuse me, do you do doggy bags?"

Thank you God for supplying me with a take home container in my time of need.


After an extremely serious session of Badminton Wednesday, we decided on Kopi Tim for our reward. Located on Grote Street, but just on the other side of the main food section, it's glowing red signage greeted us cheerfully.

The entree was an utterly divine roti which I fell upon greedily and with haste. In hindsight, pacing myself would have been wise. Also at our table was four serves of coconut water, an interesting liquid that was rather enjoyable with floating fleshy chunks of coconut.

Then my seafood laksa arrived.

And it was enormous.

It was three times the size of my head.
 I was fearful. I was consumed by fear. How do I start? I plaintively wailed, gingerly picking up a piece of tofu with my chopsticks.

But it was delicious.

It was also just as delicious (and cost effective) the next day when I continued the laksaness for lunch.

Go on. Order the laksa. Quake in your boots. I dare you.