Friday, 12 July 2013

Wagyu Bangers and Mash - The Stag


Steak steak steak. Steak steak steak steak. Steak. Steak steak steaksteaksteaksteaksteak!

On Badminton Wednesday, I felt like steak.

Had a hankering for the ol' red meat.

All day. Since 9.30 in the AM.

"Steak?" I would ask passersby hopefully.
"Steak," they would respond in the affirmative, and I was content.

We went to Adelaide's "worst vegetarian restaurant", The Stag. Upon reaching The Stag, my appetitive wasn't up to its usual standard (enormous, for those who may be thus unaware). This was largely in part to the two Hungry Jack's mini burgers I had succumbed to before badminton. As an aside - they were delicious and amazing and mustardy and fantasmic and then I felt really nauseous for about an hour and a half because my body has become unused to eating junk food. I'm still fantasising about those tasty bundles of processed unhealthiness. 

Alongside my diminished appetite, I had also forgotten that The Stag is a little bit pricey and the combined lack of hunger and lack of funds propelled my choice. Therefore, I forewent the steak per-say, and settled on the Wagyu Bangers and Mash.

An odd choice, perhaps, but I have had bangers and mash so infrequently in my life and it was a solid wintery meal for a very wintery night and it felt like a comfortable choice.

My only gripe was the delay in delivering my meal; this bordered on embarrassing and left me wondering if I had been forgotten. It arrived eventually though and I wasn't disappointed. Such a simple meal with simple flavours. No complications. Being unable to mash potato myself (welcome to Lumpyville, population: me), I revelled in the buttery-garlicy-spinachy-potatoey goodness. Normally a kitchen debacle when attempted by yours truly, the sausages at The Stag were tender and juicy and topped with a spicy tomato relish for an added zing.

The Stag, you can bang my mash any day.