Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Comedy of Errors - A State Theatre Company production

Who knew that a night on the Shakespeare train would be so much fun?

When putting around the call to see a play, namely a Shakespeare play, I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic uptake from my friends. How delightfully cultured! A few minutes later, 6 balcony tickets had been purchased all in row (and a pass to the Red Carpet after party) and there was no backing out now!

While the rest of Adelaide was at the Pink concert, we raucously descended upon the Duncan Playhouse (after eating a delicious, if enormous, meal from River Café) and "excuse me"d and "sorry"d our way to our seats right in the middle up the top.

We had a perfect, unhindered middle view of the stage for The Comedy of Errors by the State Theatre Company, a story of mistaken identity featuring two sets of identical twins. The set comprised a series of doors and the situation had been modernised. Despite the old-timey iambic pentameter, this modernisation worked perfectly and rendered the play relatable. Especially the scene where the ladies had been wandering around the city all evening and had resorted to carrying their high-heels to save their battered feet...

I belly laughed on more than one occasion and was able to follow remarkably well. The words themselves were not necessarily funny but the emotions, actions and tone of the actors brought the impossible situations to life.

At the conclusion of the show, we were led to the deepest darkest bowels of the theatre and emerged into a warehouse type room; complete with DJ, free wine and free food.

As the intellectuals we are, we discussed the play, analysing the themes, characters and situations as portrayed for a modern audience.

Not really. We got drunk and danced!