Saturday, 29 June 2013

A poem

I wrote a poem. It's not a very good poem. 

And it's a poem of the non-rhyming variety.

I felt the need to post it, a bit of release, a bit of letting go, per say. To preface my poem, I parted ways with someone I had loved for many, many years and the resulting breaking of heart was almost more than I could bear. It was the first time in my life feeling these feelings that many have felt before me, and many will feel after me, and I will no doubt feel again - but having felt them for the first time, I was entirely blindsided by the experience.

If my poem - for just one person - allows them to think, "You have put my feelings into words," then I will be supremely happy. I have left it largely unedited (it could easily do with a working over) but I don't want to mess with the raw feeling of when I initially wrote it back in May.

Hope it makes you feel something.

A feeling
manifested as physical pain
welling up deep within my sternum
in the place where my heart should be
now a million pieces
broken, scattered. 
It pains to breath,
so shallowly and rasping
my chest flutters,
trying to avoid the
onset of hurt. 
One thought, one stab.
Two thoughts, two stabs.
No thoughts,
They never told me
that a breaking heart
would actually hurt.