Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wine & Nibbles - Clever Little Tailor

 "I'm looking for my friends. Is there...more?"

It was already dark and I was walking down Hindley Street when I stumbled across Peel Street; a large, tinted windowed car pulled up just inside the street. Peering down, I could see few lights and wasn't comfortable heading down the eerie side street. Mustering courage, I set off and passed a shop front from which a gentleman emerged, locked the door and then walked away with his hands in his pockets, whistling in a sinister horror-movie way. I quickened my pace. Ahead, I saw lights and hurriedly headed towards them.

Clever Little Tailor, was I glad to see you.  I made my way inside and was greeted by the bar staff. I had a quick peek around for my friends and, not spotting them, I asked the bar staff if there was more to Clever Little Tailor out the back.

"No, what you see is it!"

Clever Little Tailor is tiny and scrumptious -  a delicious, perfectly formed canapĂ© of a bar.

I simply marvelled at everything inside. The stone wall to my right. The music. The strange black room-sized box that we decided was the cool room. The tiny little capers on our plate of chatuterie. We ordered a wine each, a small plate of nibbles and settled back allowing the atmosphere envelope us.

While weekends are another story, on a weekday, this miniature bar is a perfect little hideaway from the world to gently catch up with friends.

Oh Clever Little Tailor, I just want to snorgle you.