Friday, 28 June 2013

Shared meal - Tongue Thai'd

Such a sassy lady

 "Does it have an eyeball?"

Flavours of the Asian Persuasion were the inspiration for our Wednesday night degustation. And so we car pooled our way to Henley Beach Road to get a little bit Tongue Thai'd.

We blew through the door in a flurry and were met with a cheerful "The kitchen has stayed open for you!" We sat and frantically scoured the menu. Minutes later, we were ordered, hungry and rearing to go.

Our fish cakes and tofu entrees arrived first and we were a little hesitant to begin. It all seemed a bit bland. Suddenly, the waiter arrived with our sauces and apologies and we devoured the entrees, glad we hadn't actually begun.

The rogue sauce

Under the watchful gaze of the Tongue Thai'd sassy lady we were delivered plate after plate of deliciousness. Our order included one red curry, one prawn curry, one basil beef..curry, and an enormous whole flounder curry. It was not long before my eyelids were sweating from the more than mild warmth eminating from our meal and I was asking more and more often to "please pass the rice".

My favourites were the red curry and the whole flounder, which arrived sans eyeball (I am slightly obsessed with cooked fish and their eyeball - not in a good way - they seem so alive still...). I ate, once again, until the point of pain and, even with our four reasonable appetites, we were unable to finish everything in front of us.

The decor within and the choice of music did not leave us at a loss for words. The rich red furniture and interesting artwork brought a warmth and coziness to the restaurant, while we danced and wiggled in our seats to Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Between the excellent food and the lovely atmosphere (and the lovely staff staying open for us arriving so late, and being kind enough not to explicitly shoo us out), this restaurant will definitely not leave you Tongue Thai'd.

Mind the pun.