Saturday, 22 June 2013

Chermoula Lamb Burger - The Colonist

"Where shall we go for tea tonight?"

The call to action on a Wednesday night has been spoken. Every Wednesday, a group of fine, elite athletes descend upon Norwood to "punish some cock".

We play badminton and we play it professionally and seriously.

In truth, the badminton is largely a front for going out to a lovely dinner and allows us to feel less guilty as it is preceded by two hours of intense exercise.

This week we felt like a good ol' pub meal and moseyed our way down to The Colonist on The Parade. The pub feels like a toasty warm and comfortable, slightly run down log cabin with peeling paint and big sofas. The artwork provides a source of conversation and when it lulled, we would fall into a comfortable silence while surveying the room.

Even though I had a burger last week from the lovely Burgerstronomy, the Chermoula Lamb Burger was recommended and I simply couldn't look at anything else on the menu - I think after the workout I was in dire need of something big, meaty and carby. The Colonist Classic boasts a spiced lamb patty, with wild rocket, tasty cheese (and it was tasty!), grilled free range egg (of the deliciously runny variety), tomato, grilled smoked bacon (because everything requires bacon), tomato chutney and a side of chips.
I almost hoed into it before taking a picture, it looked so inviting to my ravenous badminton fueled hunger. It wasn't huge, thankfully - but just the perfect size for a filling meal and I had to push myself for the last couple of mouthfuls (which I tried not to eat but found missing from my plate, meaning I had absentmindedly finished it when I wasn't paying attention). I was initially disappointed by the number of chips in the little side bowl (chips are my kryptonite) but I couldn't have fit one more in if ninjas tried (this is a hilarious and unintended autocorrect that I am keeping).

The Colonist is consistent, reliable, stable.

Much like a comfortable pair of nanna knickers.