Sunday, 23 June 2013

Chocolate Waffles - The Chocolate Bean

I'm in love.

It was just a harmless crush, so what happened?

The chocolate waffles happened.

We had a dinner of cheap and cheerful dumplings at Dumplings R Us and, although filled to capacity with dumplingy goodness, we decided that our dessert stomach was not satiated and that it needed filling with chocolate: stat. Note: while the exact location of the human second stomach is greatly disputed, it is widely known that there is always room for dessert and the dessert stomach is, in fact, pie shaped.

After a few minutes of quiet discussion, we settled on The Chocolate Bean. To me, The Chocolate Bean is a pioneer; I have been frequenting since university and it is the big mamma to the juvenile dessert craze that is currently taking over Adelaide. I immediately make my way upstairs - which is admittedly less dimly and sensuously inviting than it used to be - and our group of four settle at a table.

The mousse is my usual fare - and one you must try. However, having had the mousse only a week before (Oh my, I am such a dessert slut), I reluctantly eyed the rest of the menu. I had watched my friend have a debaucherous meltdown over the waffles the previous week and decided that I needed to experience the pleasure myself. Our order came to 2 chocolate waffles, a chocolate sundae and a turkish delight martini.

Yes, I did run my fingers around my finished plate in an effort to lick up the remaining chocolate icecream and chocolate sauce without putting my tongue to the plate (I believe I showed extreme self control). Yes, I did drink the remaining chocolate sauce from my little pot. Yes, I did drink from my friend's chocolate sauce pot also. Yes, I did complain bitterly at not being able to mop up all my icecream, which in turn was met with a rather scathing "First world problems" from a gentleman on the neighbouring table.

Oh Chocolate Bean, you can fill up my dessert stomach any day.